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Success tips, empowering ideas and a dose of reality from the ambitious women who have to lead the way.  At Empowering Ambitious Women we are dedicated to sharing the authentic stories of extraordinary ambitious women, their insights and ups, and downs on their journey toward success.

Ep 6. Angela Ferguson On Ways To Excel In A Male Dominated Industry

By EAW Team | May 17, 2018
Ways To Excel In A Male Dominated Industry.

In this episode, Angela shares her advice and experiences on overcoming challenges in building a successful career. A not to be missed episode for ambitious women. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Angela is creating pathways for other women to step up and achieve success. She is also focused on developing the next generation […]

Ep 4 How Kelly Jamieson from Edible Blooms built a start-up into a successful multinational business.

By EAW Team | January 16, 2018

  My guest today is a highly successful entrepreneur, Kelly Jamieson from Edible Blooms. Along with her sister Abbey, built the highly successful chocolate gift emporium. From a small business start-up in 2005, Edible Blooms celebrates their 10th birthday in 2015 and employs more than 50 staff across seven locations and has grown into a household […]

Ep 3. Expert Advice On Media Relations And How To Gain Free Publicity With Bec Derrington From SourceBottle.

By EAW Team | December 19, 2017

Media Relations And How To Gain Free Publicity. Plus A Lot Of Public Relations, Business And Personal Gold Nuggets Of Wisdom From The Founder Of Disruptor Publicity Platform SourceBottle. I had the pleasure of talking with Bec Derrington, the founder of disruptor publicity platform SourceBottle, a free subscription service that distributes 50,000+ emails a day, each […]

Ep 2. Cyan Ta’eed. talking how to disrupt an industry, and women in tech.

By EAW Team | December 5, 2017

My guest today is Cyan Ta’eed, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Envato. Cyan is passionate about women in tech. Founded in 2006 in Cyan’s parent’s garage. Envato is a creative eco-system, encompassing the largest digital marketplace in the world. Its 6 million members buy and sell digital stock and services. Envato has delivered over $400 […]

Ep 1. Diem Fuggersberger on building a successful business.

By EAW Team | November 21, 2017

Diem Fuggersberger Successful Businesswomen Arriving in Australia as a child refugee from Vietnam, with no belongings, no home, and no English, Diem Fuggersberger has risen from challenging beginnings to be a proud, passionate and values driven businesswoman. As co-founding CEO of Berger Ingredients, Diem and her husband Werner have built a multi-million dollar food manufacturing […]

Ep 5. Catriona Pollard On The Power of Building Your Personal Brand.

By EAW Team | January 12, 2017

My guest today is Catriona Pollard, Founder and Director of CP Communications, and author of From Unknown To Expert. In this episode, Catriona Pollard shares her expertise on the Power of Building Your Personal Brand. CP Communications one of Australia’s most respected and innovative PR and social media agencies. Catriona’s book ‘From Unknown To Expert’ is […]

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