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On the Road: How to Bundle Worklife, Travel and Playing Mum from the Back of a Van!

Got itchy feet? Maybe you could tackle work, travel and family life from a van. Check out these tips for a successful nomadic lifestyle.

Throwing in the towel of your old 9-5 lifestyle, jumping in a van and travelling around Australia can sound a little crazy to some but not for Emma Barr. Emma decided that she wanted to live her life with husband and son on the road. And, how exactly does she do it? Would this life work for you?

Emma shares her story with us.

How to know you are a good candidate for life on the road

For us it has always been a question of ‘If not now, then when?’

Ever since I met my husband Cam over 10 years ago, we always had a passion for travel and for living experiences that were slightly out of the ordinary. From where we met on an island in the Whitsundays to sailing through Asia on a 52-metre superyacht, life has always been about living out of the box.

We went back to Sydney to “settle down” as we both thought that that is what we had to do; all our friends were settling down at the time. We nestled ourselves into an expensive Sydney life. But, we very quickly realised it was not for us. We started planning how we could live all these amazing experiences while also earning an income, from no matter where we were.

Emma’s tips for finding a suitable business venture to be successful on the road

Sometimes it is not easy going against the grain to create a business that can be run as a laptop lifestyle. But with plenty of bumps along the way, the most rewarding part I found was discovering a business that I am truly passionate about.

I had to find something that allowed both myself and Cam to be with our son. Neither of us wanted to miss all the precious moments that seem to come and go so quickly. So, when my online business tool for real estate agents started to get results and build traction, its growth became apparent. That was really when the question, ‘If not now, then when?’ started to play on us. The business was setup to be run from a laptop and as it grows it will become more automated allowing us to travel more.

Flynn coming along really changed everything for us. Cam and I are very easy going people with a real love for adventure. Now this little boy, that isn’t even two years old, is showing the same sense of adventure and willingness to go with the flow. He has made us realise that NOW is the time. We really want to show our son that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

If you want a business that you can take on the road and work from anywhere, you can have it if you have a passion and strive towards nothing less.

At 29 and 31, we are the happiest and healthiest that we have ever been and know how lucky we are to be living in this amazing country. A country that we have never had the chance to explore.

The thought of leaving the comfortable Sydney life does nothing but excite me. From the red plains of the outback to the coral coast in WA, there is honestly so much more that we cannot wait to see. Plus when you are exploring our great country in a self-converted Mercedes sprinter van it makes it so much easier. We will have all our worldly possessions with us in our tiny home on wheels!

3 tips for preparing yourself for a nomadic lifestyle

#1. Find your passion

Make sure you have a business that you love and that you are passionate about. Nothing is harder than dragging yourself away from a stunning beach or sitting in a Library when it’s a beautiful day outside. But if you love what you do then it makes it so much easier.

# 2. Connectivity

Invest in a good internet connection that has unlimited downloads. It’s amazing some of the remotest places we have been we are still able to pick up an internet signal, which means there is no stress about having to rush back into town to check your emails.

# 3. There is no ‘I’ in team

Make sure everyone is on-board. I could not run my business today without the help of my husband. He looks after Flynn so that I am able to have meetings and make calls. It’s not always easy but it’s so worth it!

We know that traveling around Australia with a 20-month-old will not always be easy, let alone all living within a converted tradie van. However, we also know that the trade-off will be worth it. A nomadic working lifestyle gives Flynn the opportunity to be exposed to life from a different perspective and allows him to look outside the box from such a young age. This is a gift that I am so proud I am able to present to our son.

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Emma Barr founder, iLEADS

Emma Barr is the founder and director of iLeads, a mother to Flynn and wife to Cam. The happy trio are currently travelling around Australia in a van (literally, a tradie van) while growing their online empire from the back seat. It’s a no-nonsense approach to life – a tactic Emma also adopts in her many thriving business ventures.

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