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Wardobe makeover for a new you

New Year, New Decade, New You!

The turn of a decade is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes – but how many people start with their wardrobe? Find out how a wardrobe makeover can help get you on track and feel great for the new year!

We have reached a crucial period…the end of another decade! Every end of the year we find ourselves reflecting upon the year that has past and begin creating resolutions for the year that is to come. As we all know, these resolutions often have a very short life. But why is this so? Perhaps we didn’t want the change badly enough or did not plan well enough to make the change stick.

Entering a new decade is a great opportunity to make changes. We can benefit greatly from the momentum of not only visualising the changes we want in our lives but more importantly to create a plan and a set of actions so that our resolutions come to fruition. Whether the resolution has to do with finding the job of our dreams (or get that sought after promotion) or to improve our fitness and/or health. We should also consider setting our mindset towards improving the way we present ourselves to others. Our image determines how people perceive us; trustworthy, organised, capable, etc. And presenting a positive image can also be internalised through enhancing our feelings of self-worth and confidence.

We tend to plan our careers, our businesses, how we want to raise our children. But most of us leave our appearance (and our wardrobe) to chance. A well-planned, organised wardrobe can save us precious time, (particularly in the morning) and very importantly, money. When we know what works for us, we go straight to the point and don’t waste time when shopping. We save money by getting rid of bad shopping habits, comforting or rewarding ourselves with items that don’t do us any favours and that don’t go with anything else in our closet.

One approach that I promote is to implement ‘Wardrobe Feng Shui’.

So, what is wardrobe Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Japanese technique of organising and de-cluttering the ambient through realignment of ‘chi’, our vital energy. According to Feng Shui, the wardrobe represents the mind, so if it is cluttered, so is the mind. And this makes total sense when you think about it; take a stressful morning for example. If you can’t find anything to wear and are pressed for time with your clothes all jammed in together to the point that you cannot see any options.

To help alleviate any unnecessary stress or worry, I will show you three easy steps on how you can arrange the perfect wardrobe by undertaking a quick wardrobe makeover:

Step #1

Start by taking everything out of the closet. I mean everything! And give the closet a good clean, including vacuuming and painting if need be. Cleaning is an important aspect of Feng Shui. Then, separate the items into three categories;

  • a) items that you love and that fit
  • b) garments that need alteration
  • c) those you don’t look great in or don’t love – and do not compromise here!

Step #2

Make friends with a good tailor and alter the items that are in great shape but don’t fit properly. Clear out of all of the items that you haven’t worn in a while. There is no point in keeping things that either don’t compliment you or that you don’t like wearing. In Feng Shui, by letting go of what is not serving you, you make room for the new in your life, you keep vital energy flowing. And, if you donate some of those items, you will also feel much better by helping underprivileged women who can use what you no longer wish to wear.

Step #3

Organise your new de-cluttered closet by order of items. Match up dresses from sleeveless to long sleeves and from light to dark colours. Then follow this with skirts, pants, shirts, etc. That way, you will know exactly where everything is, including bags, shoes and accessories. Those, by the way, should be kept in proper racks and not on top of each other!

It’s also recommended that you invest in new hangers as part of your wardrobe makeover. I love the range of hangers available at IKEA. And remember to fold t-shirts and knits first so they don’t lose their shape when hung.

For the missing pieces, if any, invest in best quality neutrals and classics when possible, so you don’t run the risk of looking outdated. A ratio of 80% classics and 20% trend pieces is ideal.

Having a clean, organised closet will set the tone for the day and help create a fresh start to the year, so you can look your best every day. Now, is it time you started your wardrobe makeover?


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Silvana goes beyond mere styling. She uses the power of styling to transform our perception of self and others, leaving her clients feeling more confident, increasing their presence and impact, and gaining the recognition they aspire to.

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  1. Silvana is a very good professional and I love all her tips. I’m working in an multinational organization and I really need to be well dressed and she helped me a lot when she came to Barcelona and I just can say…thank you so much to her.

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