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How to Have it All: Travelling as a Business Owner

Looking to ditch the 9-5 and chase the digital nomad dream? Here’s how to have it all; work and play!

I used to think you had to be single, with all the money and time in the world, in order to work and travel at the same time. Turns out, I was wrong. Because believe it or not, I am actually living my digital nomadic dream, with my husband and baby boy by my side. For those looking to ditch the 9 – 5, and chase the digital nomad lifestyle, here’s an inside scoop on how you can achieve your dream job too.

Find what inspires you

When we were deciding whether to hit the road or stay put, I dug deep to find my inspiration. And to be honest, I truly believe it was our son, Flynn. Travelling was something that we have always wanted to do, and when Flynn came along and the business really took off at the same time, we had a ‘why not’ moment. The business can be mobile so why can’t we?

Managing business and life

Managing everything means you have to be exceptionally organised. Having a structure around what needs to be done that day and for the week ahead is the easiest way to balance everything. Between having a business, being a mum and wife, and also making sure that I take time for myself, it can sometimes seem too much.

I am often asked how I have the perfect work/life balance. To be honest, it can be difficult, and the balance shifts according to what we have going on at any given time. However, by setting aside some time to organise the day and week ahead, and make sure I nourish all the different aspects of my life, it all seems to work. Most of the time.

Because of the nature of what we do, it was important for us to get Flynn on a regular schedule. From four months of age, we managed to ensure Flynn was having regular naps and we worked around those.

And while I work from ‘home’ that doesn’t mean I’m housebound. I find that going to a co-working space or a café really helps to clear the mind and stay focused on what needs to be done. I can get some really solid hours of work in without having to worry about whether I’m going to be interrupted. Then I can go home, put my mum hat on, and commit to that side of my life.

Be honest about the struggle

Having it all when it comes to business and travel is hard. And I’m not sure people are honest about how much work you have to do to make it successful. There is nothing easy about stepping away from the 9 – 5 grind and the security of a regular income. Building up a business that is not only successful but is also one that you love is hard. There are obstacles and things change daily. But if you love what you do and you believe in your business, I honestly think your passion and integrity will shine through and you will succeed.

Understand what you need

As digital nomads, our number one priority is a great internet connection. This means we can work and connect with our clients no matter where we are on the road.

However, we also need to look to the future, and whether our two-man team is sustainable for business growth. Hopefully not. This means we’re probably going to need to expand our team to make sure there is always a team member available for our clients to speak to. Understanding that this is in our future is key to how we manage our present.

Have clear goals in mind

I’m not sure there is a secret to having it all. But the most important element of being successful in business is having a clear goal in mind. What’s really important to you? Once you knuckle this down, it’s about taking small steps towards these goals every day.

My secret to a successful digital nomad lifestyle? Never stop dreaming and always keep striving for what you want in life.


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Emma Barr founder, iLEADS

Emma Barr is the founder and director of iLeads, a mother to Flynn and wife to Cam. The happy trio are currently travelling around Australia in a van (literally, a tradie van) while growing their online empire from the back seat. It’s a no-nonsense approach to life – a tactic Emma also adopts in her many thriving business ventures.

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