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How Hungry Are You to Achieve Your Goals?

How hungry are you? Learn how to feed your desire and smash out those goals!

Is your stomach knotting with hunger pangs for success or are you one of those women who dread prizing yourself out of bed to face the day? Regardless of where you sit with this we all know someone who fits into the latter category. Whether they need a little motivation, are lacking self-assurance, have no goals, or seem to be lost somewhere in translation. We are about to change all of that for those women.

Meet Angela a corporate bottom dweller who has spent the last 12 years of her career riding the nine to five grind. Up to this point Angela has felt obliged to keep her workplace hierarchy happy; punch out her work, smile when needed and offer opinions only when asked. But, Angela feels a sensation that has been brewing inside her.

More valuable than she is given credit for, sick of being overlooked and misjudged, Angela is about to step way out of her comfort zone. Hungry to change her mind-numbing situation it is time Angela shook things up and go hard or, yes indeed – go home!

Hungry to change your situation?


You can often recognise a person without any workplace hunger the moment you meet them.

  1. They have a stubborn been there, done that attitude
  2. Generally, they have a limited acceptance for change in the workplace
  3. They possess nil to limited emotional intelligence
  4. Their workplace goals or ambitions are few and far between

On the contrary, a person who wants to better themselves is extremely accepting to change and has a drive above and beyond. Sound familiar? Read on for our tips and insights to get the feast you deserve.

Women who listen to their inner growls of thirst and desire will grow stronger. Angela recognised that she needed to change her attitude to change her situation. Here is how she went about it.

How to turn hunger into a feast


#1 Set yourself a goal

First and foremost, you must set yourself a goal.

Examples of a goal could be;

  • commencement or completion of a certain activity you want to achieve
  • a particular timeframe for something you want to do/obtain – a promotion perhaps?
  • gaining acknowledgment for something you have done/about to do

#2 Action your goal

Take the necessary steps to action your goal. How are you going to get started? Do you need to request permission or can you tackle it without needing to ask anyone else?

If your goal is education-related don’t be afraid to ask for what you need – a training course, an educational session, etc. Most workplaces have educational budgets and it is surprising how many workplaces don’t use their allocation. Do your research for costs, what is in it for you, and what is in it for the company. Take this information with you when you reach out for help. Remember to include any information about the impact on your role if you are away for training and how you would plan to cover that.

Are you looking to take on a new opportunity or promotion within the company? Have you made your intentions clear to those who are part of the decision process? Holding back will not do you any favours – step up if you want to be recognised.

Treat this chance similar to how you would treat a job interview:

  • make your intentions known
  • have relevant information and examples of your work that demonstrate your ability for the role/opportunity on hand
  • back yourself, don’t doubt yourself, be confident

#3 Review the outcome

If it turns out that you don’t get the result you had hoped for just treat it as an entrée instead of a main course.

  • are you happy with the outcome – can it be used as a personal learning curve?
  • did you make your intentions clear?
  • were you taken seriously?
  • were you knocked back due to a workplace bias?
  • is there any other avenue you can approach?

Regardless a positive or negative result, you have done everything in your power to feed your hunger and can be proud. This process offers valuable insights into strengths which you thought you didn’t possess and weaknesses that you weren’t aware of.

As long as you stay hungry for more there is always another door that will open. It is just a matter of knowing how to approach the stairs when you find the way there.

Have you planted seeds and cultivated your crop or are you still waiting for the season to change? Post a comment and share your journey with us.


Over to you...

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I am a Mum, business founder, author and accomplished CEO with over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world. My childhood dream was to become a fighter pilot, but when that didn’t materialise, I found my place in the corporate world, climbing the sales and marketing ladder to my role as CEO of Cox & Kings Australia.

I'm the founder of Empowering Ambitious Women, I've led start-ups to companies with annual revenues from $55 million to more than $250 million. My role as CEO of Australia’s leading franchise network of professional builders saw me as a pioneer in the industry; as a female CEO leading a large franchise home building company.

I was formally recognised twice by the Telstra Business Women's Awards my achievements in business.

As a woman who became one of the 16% of female CEOs, and who has led in male-dominated industries, I’m passionate about creating pathways for women leaders to step up, take a seat at the table and own it.

I love; French champagne, socialising, dining out and having an impact...

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