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How Female Digital Nomads Are Defying the Pay Gap

How would you like to choose your own destination for work? An exotic beach or an undiscovered city, perhaps? See how female digital nomads are breaking new ground and defying the gender pay gap by doing exactly that!

How would you like to travel while you work?

To choose any exotic beachside destination or unexplored city to get to know while you get things done?

And how would you like to do this without compromising on your salary?

It may sound too good to be true, but a recent study revealed that female digital nomads are the group of remote workers most likely to be reversing the wage gap.

For women, the ability to work remotely is more than just a reduced commute time and increased productivity. Remote work can provide the flexibility needed to stay on top of family commitments without compromising on their working hours. (According to a study from Pew Research Centre, 42% of mothers reduce their work hours to make time for their growing families while just 28% of fathers do the same.)

But while remote working may provide this flexibility, it doesn’t make you immune to the gender pay gap.

The Anywhere Workers study found that amongst remote workers, men are more likely to earn six figures than women.


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But according to the study, one group of female remote workers are more likely to be out-earning their male counterparts: digital nomads.

This trend is particularly pronounced in digital nomads in the creative / design industries, where women are 21% more likely to earn over US$50k than men.

Combining work and travel is certainly a lifestyle trend that’s increasing in popularity, with new remote workers more likely to be generally working from a foreign country. Interestingly, women are slightly more likely to have gone remote so they could ‘live the nomad lifestyle’.

It’s probable that the majority female digital nomads are not tied to family commitments, but their ability to command higher wages while living a flexible life should be encouraging for remote workers, regardless of where they plan to work from.

Considering becoming a remote worker?

Whatever your motivation, there are a few steps you can take to get the most out of remote working.

#1. Define what freedom and flexibility means to you

For the majority of remote workers (62%) the biggest benefit is the freedom and flexibility to live and work from where they choose. This is even more pronounced for women, who value flexibility more than men.

Flexibility is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so you have to be clear on what you want it to look like. Is it working four day weeks so that you can spend long weekends travelling? Or is it being able to stop work at 3pm each day so you can pick up the kids?

Be specific in what you are looking for so that you can decide what kind of role will work for you—whether that’s working in your own freelance business, taking on a part-time remote opportunity, or something else.

#2. Research, research, research

 According to one digital nomad, making the leap to should be 70% research, 20% preparation, and 10% improvisation.

When it comes to the research phase, there are a plethora of resources out there to help—so much so that it can be overwhelming to start. Once you start researching you’ll open Pandora’s Box of curated city guides, co-working spaces, productivity tips and more.

Pick one or two places to start and from there you can research particular topic areas that interest you. I’d recommend Women Digital Nomads, a helpful website with a tonne of information, and this free eBook on becoming a digital nomad.

#3. Find a community of women

 A lack of community is one of the top hurdles for remote workers, with 30% citing this as the biggest challenge to their happiness. New remote workers are most at risk of this, with those who’ve been remote for under a year the most likely to be experiencing loneliness.

There are many ways you can find a community that works for you. Online forums, Facebook groups, and female-only co-working spaces that offer women plenty of places to connect with and learn from other remote workers. Platforms like Behere offer women the opportunity to connect to new places, people and cultures, through the unforgettable experience of living in a new city for a month.

Empowering Ambitious Women is a great hub for connecting with like-minded women from around Australia and beyond!

Make remote work, work for you

While the gender pay gap may not look like it’ll improve any time soon in many industries, it is possible to find creative ways to combat it. And who knows? You may even get to travel the world while doing it.

Looking for a supportive group of talented women while you are out on the road? Become part of the Empowering Ambitious Women community. Stay in touch on our dedicated website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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