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Success tips, empowering ideas and a dose of reality from the ambitious women who have to lead the way.  At Empowering Ambitious Women we are dedicated to sharing the authentic stories of extraordinary ambitious women, their insights and ups, and downs on their journey toward success.

Self doubt cloud

Self-Doubt Cloud: Get Out of the Shade!

If you are under a self doubt cloud, it is time to get out of the shade. I recently asked a women’s group what topics related to empowerment they would find valuable to read. To my surprise “self-doubt / lack of confidence” were the two that came up the most. Why is it that us […]
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Don't lean in stand up

Don’t Just Lean In – Stand Up!

Is just leaning in ever sufficient? It is time to stand for something, stand together and stand strong. It is time to stand up! Lately I’ve been wondering if “leaning in” is still sufficient? I am certain by now many of us are familiar with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In women’s empowerment movement, led by her […]
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Why women need mentoring

Why Women Need Mentoring and How to Get it

What is stopping women from finding mentors and building solid careers? We have ‘the why’ and how to go about fixing it. Why do more men than women ask for mentoring? Why don’t we give ourselves the same chance to build a career we’re proud of? Mentoring is an essential tool for any leader, but even more […]
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Advantaged Women: The DNA of Ambition

What makes up the DNA of ambition? Ladies, in case you are still trying to figure it all out, let me help you connect the dots. YOU ARE WO-MAN! Roar and soar! You can be anything you want to be and more. It is YOUR choice and birthright. Societal norms, expectations, and constructs have lulled […]
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Successful woman personality traits

The Top 5 Traits of a Successful Woman

What do successful women have in common? Here are 5 of their top traits. It’s a no kind of a no brainer to say, ambitious, determined women already have a lot of smarts. But sometimes, we are too smart for our own good.  It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the […]
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Ambitious women going for it

3 Reasons Why You Should Totally Go for It!

Are you an ambitious woman? Here’s 3 reasons why you should totally for go for it! Throughout my professional career I have always strived to be the best I could. I would go for promotions if they were available and exceed the responsibilities of my role to show that I was able to do more. […]
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Influencers Are Not Born; They Are Made

Influence is not some gene we pick up at birth or a predetermined mould. It is not a golden ticket we find in a Cornflakes box. Influence is a natural talent that develops over time. Influence is a skill. And, like most other skills in life; it develops. Whether heading in the right direction or […]
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Generation gap

Capitalise on Mentorship to Navigate the Generational Gap

With the generational age gap so prominent in the workforce these days, now is the perfect time to capitalise on mentorship and enhance workplace productivity. A generational shift is gathering steam in the workforce. A workforce so diverse in age, now is the time to collaborate. Baby Boomers are putting off retirement while employees more […]
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Team trust

Does Your Team Trust You?

If you want to lead your team to a higher level of performance and achieve more success, your team must first trust you to lead them. Without trust, you won’t get far. Does your team have doubts? How credible are your words to your team? Does your team doubt you? It’s very likely that one […]
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How to Build a Safety Net to Encourage Team Innovation

How to build a safety net to encourage team innovation and boost workplace productivity. Innovation is the life blood of any organisation. As humans, we have a high affinity for the unexpected, and the new. Even when we find comfort in the well-known and familiar, everything eventually outlives its usefulness. On the one hand, we […]
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Property wealth

5 Reasons Property is a Great Wealth Creation Vehicle for Women

Property is a great wealth creation vehicle. Here are 5 reasons it works especially well for women. Having bought my first home when I was 22, I am an avid believer in utilising property as a wealth creation vehicle, especially for women, single, married or otherwise. I have always viewed property as a medium for […]
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Achieve your goals

How Hungry Are You to Achieve Your Goals?

How hungry are you? Learn how to feed your desire and smash out those goals! Is your stomach knotting with hunger pangs for success or are you one of those women who dread prizing yourself out of bed to face the day? Regardless of where you sit with this we all know someone who fits […]
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