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You Are Living the Life You Tolerate.

You Are Living the Life You Tolerate

By Tana Session / May 9, 2019 / 0 Comments

You are living the life you tolerate, and setting healthy boundaries is a must!! I am amazed by the number of people who complain about their dissatisfaction in their personal and professional lives. I have learned over the years that we must learn how to set healthy boundaries to remain in control of our mental […]

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Stop Playing Small!!!

By Tana Session / April 4, 2019 / 0 Comments

It’s time to stop playing small!!  There was a time when I truly doubted myself. I did not trust my knowledge, experience or education to validate my place in the room. This self-doubt and low self-esteem caused me to sabotage certain points in my career and in personal and romantic relationships. I have been fired and even asked to resign […]

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3 ways to encourage gender diversity

3 Ways Companies Can Encourage Gender Balance

By Caroline Kennedy / February 25, 2019 / 0 Comments

To encourage gender diversity and balance you need to start somewhere. But where? A good starting point is right from the top! Here are 3 ways companies can do just this. We know it makes good business sense to have women in top leadership positions. The 2018 Delivering Through Diversity report from McKinsey & Co […]

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Women leaders better engagement

Women Leaders Achieve Better Engagement

By Caroline Kennedy / February 19, 2019 / 0 Comments

Are women leaders the answer to improving employee engagement in your business? See what the research is telling us, right here. According to UK research, employee engagement is ranked as the key worry for HR teams this year. A 2017 report by Gallup, only 24% of Australians are engaged at work. Now, that’s a dismal […]

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Diverse Business

How Diversity Improves Innovation

By Caroline Kennedy / February 6, 2019 / 0 Comments

Evidence suggests that businesses with diverse leadership teams hold some significant advantages. See how diversity can help your business be more innovative and profitable too. Lately there has been a flurry of studies looking at the impact of diversity on business results, and it’s clear. The businesses with more diverse leadership teams had a significant […]

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Positive mindset

What do Women Have to do to Succeed?

By Caroline Kennedy / January 30, 2019 / 0 Comments

What is the most important asset to needed help accelerate your success in business? What exactly do women have to do to succeed? Here’s the simple science. As an executive coach and mentor, this is a question I hear a lot. There are so many talented female leaders out there, but they feel as though […]

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Shape the culture

5 Tips to Help CEOs Change and Improve Office Culture

By Caroline Kennedy / January 22, 2019 / 0 Comments

CEOs can take active steps to shape the culture of their business into something powerful and ultimately successful. Find out the scoop right here. In the corporate world, culture is a critical element in business success. For most leaders, it ranks second in level of importance only to a company’s actual business model. Every organisation […]

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Leadership passion versus skill

Leadership Passion Trumps Skill

By Caroline Kennedy / December 14, 2018 / 0 Comments

Leadership skill or leadership passion. Which do you think is best for you and your business? I believe leadership passion trumps skill, and here’s why. If I asked you which is best for your organisation, leadership skill or leadership passion, how would you answer? Quoted by Women’s Agenda, Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate says “passion […]

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keep your best employees longer

How to Keep Your Best Employees Longer

By Caroline Kennedy / December 11, 2018 / 0 Comments

Creating an effective employee retention program may help to keep your best employees longer. Here’s how to get started. Regardless of how much employees are paid, or how well they enjoy their jobs, some turnover is unavoidable. Since it’s so difficult, and costly, for organisations to be able to find and recruit top talent, leaders […]

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Who are you really?

Who Are You Really?

By Tana Session / November 27, 2018 / 0 Comments

When you remove the titles and labels, who are you really? I was recently coaching one of my clients and asked her to tell me, “Who are you?” She hesitated and admitted she could not think of any way to describe herself except by the standard titles: Woman, Mother, Daughter, Sister or Human Resources Consultant. […]

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