Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

Thought Leadership from a Divergent Perspective

Best Selling author, speaker, singer, coach, consultant, and educator Dr. Virginia LeBlanc is a highly sought-after multifaceted expert, influencer, thought leader, and inspirational jewel possessing a depth of experience that spans lifetimes. She gives her diverse relational skill sets across industries including government, business, education, the performing arts, and not-for-profit sectors. Through her company Defining Paths, she employs her broad expertise and exposure to leading thinkers and doers the world over through creative life design coaching and business consulting solutions focused on strategy and empowerment concepts to break mental chains in thinking and transform circumstances from the inside out.

Dr. LeBlanc's new book, Love the Skin YOU’RE In: How to Conquer Life through Divergent Thinking, delivers a timely and reconciliatory message to society of acceptance, internal healing, self-love, and renaissance. Her advice about divergent thinking carries a credibility that may well be unmatched.

Posts from Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

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