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Advantaged Women: The DNA of Ambition

What makes up the DNA of ambition?

Ladies, in case you are still trying to figure it all out, let me help you connect the dots. YOU ARE WO-MAN! Roar and soar! You can be anything you want to be and more. It is YOUR choice and birthright.

Societal norms, expectations, and constructs have lulled us to sleep over centuries, defining who we are, what we should do, and how we should think about doing it. Time to rise, shine, and redefine! The party line that says: women + ambition equals a bad thing is just a line. When you love the skin you are in, perspective is a beautiful thing and here is why…

Ambition requires dreams, desire, motivation, aspiration, determination, intention, goals, objective, purpose, planning, design, and internal drive. Simply put, ambition is the desire to achieve something and calling upon your every resource toward success.

Advantaged women! We are genetically predisposed to the call of ambition. You just have to plug into the matrix. Women are critical thinkers, family-builders, life-givers, and multi-taskers. Ambition in a woman has nothing to do with “rank, fame, or power” as often associated with the term and male pursuits. For women, everything has to do with answering a call and walking a purpose. To deny your gift is an act against natural selection. You have been chosen for “ambition” because you can handle it and remain grounded in mind, spirit, and functionality.

#1 Adjust your crown

 Retool your thinking about what it means to be a woman and the limitless possibilities. Much as the saying goes that you are what you eat, you are what you think. Change your mindset and it will bring new perspective, making you stronger, wiser, more resilient, and versatile in your thinking, being, and capability.

#2 Think without a box

Once you have set your mind to its own channel and abandoned the box of mindless pre-programming, you will be able to successfully navigate life through divergent thinking, find your purpose, and manoeuvre challenges which seem to have no solution. Ambition cannot help but abandon the box. The box is to keep you in or hovering about, and ambition gives no quarter either way. When acknowledged and activated, it will always cause you to think without a box.

#3 Connect the dots

After you know and own who you are and set your mind to think without a box, connect the dots. Step into a conscious realization of predisposed talents, life skills, education, training and transferable skills, directly or passively acquired, and apply to know-how. Fill in the gaps through continual education study and personal development measures in the effort to define your path.

#4 Redefine

The number one question I get: “How did you go from the concert stage to the Pentagon and transition to so many diverse fields?”

The short answer: “By thinking without a box and connecting the dots.”

The socialized assumption is that things or people are unrelated, when as a matter of fact, they are. Give yourself permission. It’s okay to redefine. Redefining is just that, a redefinition onto a new path, not a reinvention. You are who you are. You are simply managing your reality and refining another side of the diamond. Redefining has nothing to do with an admission of failure and everything to do with lessons learned and progress as you connect the dots to your reason for being.

Keep your eyes forward, course correctly as needed, and shine unapologetically.

#5 Maintain perspective

You are ready to conquer life when your perspective is clear and healthy. You CAN have it all. Be a career woman, a leader, and an ambitious entrepreneur. Master the art of convergence in know-how transference across diverse industries and be the “go-to” multi-disciplined subject matter expert. Your ambition will carry you.

Do not spend a great deal of time on worrying about being ready. Are we ever truly ready? As we move towards our purpose, we become ready and equipped daily. You will never know if you are ready until you test the water. Practice and maintain perspective; it IS a mindset. Have faith and the spirit within you will mute fears and embolden you. Stay in the ring and ALWAYS get up from the mat.

The DNA of ambition comes from within. As anything in life, it can be corrupted if guided by an unhealthy heart. However, its essence is a well-intentioned spirit of love which drives and opens discerning eyes and transforms lives and business for the better. Take care to wield it well.


Adjust your crown, think without a box, connect the dots, and conquer life. Time to redefine!

See you on the other side of freedom, above the imaginative glass ceiling, in the land called Empowering Ambitious Women where we love the skin WE’RE in!

Over to you...

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