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3 Reasons Why You Should Totally Go for It!

Are you an ambitious woman? Here’s 3 reasons why you should totally for go for it!

Throughout my professional career I have always strived to be the best I could. I would go for promotions if they were available and exceed the responsibilities of my role to show that I was able to do more. Putting my hand up to help other departments, even when it meant that I wasn’t compensated, was natural for me. I was never bound by title or salary bracket. I always did what needed to be done.

After surviving brain trauma, and ultimately facing death, I realised that even though I was this “go-getter” in my professional life, many people weren’t naturally like this. I accept that some people just enjoy being comfortable with a job that simply pays the bills – and that’s OK. But I realised that I am not happy to stay within the lines; I am an ambitious woman!

Over the past few years I’ve had many people express their shock at how quickly I’ve climbed the ladder / progressed in my career. There was even one point in my life where I quit my job as I wasn’t happy – WITHOUT another job to go to #SHOCKHORROR. Before you say it… I had a mortgage and a child, so I wasn’t without financial responsibility.

But what I knew for sure was that my happiness is worth more than my salary. This is why I chose to leave a role knowing that I still had bills to pay. So, what happened? I secured another role in just seven days after I resigned. Amazing how the world just works out.

If you are in a position where you’re unhappy with your full time role, you feel like you need more out of life or just want to change it up and try something new – then this is for you. Three reasons why you should totally go for it!


#1 There’s no time like the present

I learnt this the hard way. While recovering from brain injury I was unable to work and ultimately lost my job due to ill-health. What this made me realise is that life is so short and that things shouldn’t be taken for granted. This attitude shaped how I see my career path now. I know that everything can change in a heartbeat, so I look at opportunities and embrace them then and there.

#2 You have nothing to lose

Have you been thinking about going for a promotion, or changing roles… but are too scared? Perhaps you’re worried you won’t get it?

The fact is whether you go for it or not, you won’t be in a worse position than you are now. If you go for a promotion and don’t succeed, well that just means you’re in the same role and there is work to be done to go for the next promotion. If you apply for a new role and don’t get a call back, that just means that one wasn’t the role for you! There is nothing to lose, perhaps a little pride – but that’s ok, it’ll help you grow.

#3 Success happens outside of your comfort zone

If you have a goal that you haven’t reached, perhaps it’s outside of your comfort zone. Success isn’t something that is dropped on your lap, most people have to work hard for it. Your comfort zone is likely a comfortable job that you’ve had for a while, but your goal might be a promotion or even starting your own side hustle. Whatever it may be, you will need to get uncomfortable with yourself to get closer to what success looks like for you.

A lot of people are so scared of failing that they just don’t go for that promotion or start that side hustle which they’ve been dreaming about. There is no glory in dreaming about goals, the real magic is when you start living them.


Try to look at failure as a lesson to be learned. Anything that goes wrong or doesn’t go to plan can show you what needed to be changed, worked on or added/removed. Failure isn’t the end it’s simply another step closer to the goal.

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If tomorrow wasn’t promised, how would you live today?

On 5th November 2010, Leola suffered a near fatal ruptured brain aneurysm.

Over the last few years she has learnt a lot about herself; about her limits, what she is capable of and what she can overcome. Leola survived a brain injury, learnt how to walk and talk again, lost her job, was unemployed for over six months, started her own business, and purchased her third home in Sydney.

Leola says if she could give you one piece of advice it would be to DO IT NOW. Go for that new job, ask for the pay rise, wear the pretty dress, show off the expensive jewellery. None of this “I’ll wait for a special occasion. Enjoy it now!”, she says.

Leola says it is funny how life throws you a curveball. It is all about how you react to it – how will this moment define you? Believe that you have the power to change your fate; whatever it may be. After suffering a ruptured aneurysm and ultimately surviving it, I am in the best place I have ever been. So, I thank my lucky stars I was able to go through such hardship to only come out on top.

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